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Latest Crypto and Financial News for 01-18-2023

Title Asset Ticker Exchange Sentiment Event Domain Source
U.S. to announce international cryptocurrency action -statement USA 0.0 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
US authorities seize crypto website Bitzlato as part of international enforcement action USA 0.0 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Crypto Firm Genesis Is Preparing to File for Bankruptcy -0.1 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Bitcoin price dips sharply ahead of DOJ crypto enforcement announcement Bitcoin BTC -0.1 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Polkadot Enhances Cross-Chain Abilities Between Its Blockchains Polkadot DOT 0.25 CryptoCurrency
Justice Department to Announce an International Cryptocurrency Enforcement Action - ETA 5 minutes from this post on the official DOJ website. 0.43 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Founder and Majority Owner of Bitzlato, a Cryptocurrency Exchange, Charged with Unlicensed Money Transmitting for more than $700 million. -0.2 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Study: 64% of North Americans invest in crypto without ‘any research at all’ USA 0.0 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
FTX finds $5.5 billion in liquid assets, still faces 'substantial shortfall' FTX 0.26 CryptoCurrency
Algorand Community Upset Over CEO's Cryptic Tweets Algorand ALGO -0.38 CryptoCurrency
U.S. Justice Dept. charges Russian founder of cryptocurrency firm USA 0.32 Ukraine War, Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Heather Morgan, crypto rapper ‘Razzlekhan,’ lands NYC tech job while under house arrest for bitcoin heist Bitcoin BTC USA -0.44 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Bitcoin, crypto prices bounce back following DOJ announcement Bitcoin BTC -0.1 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Bitcoin On Exchanges Drop By 44%, Could This Fuel More BTC Rally? Bitcoin BTC -0.37 Crypto Fuel CryptoCurrency
SEC violates privacy law while investigating dubious crypto firm Green -0.69 Regulation, Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Exec confronted Sam Bankman-Fried over $13bn loan to Alameda just after they had recorded $5bn loss -0.58 CryptoCurrency
FTX Founder Gamed Markets, Crypto Rivals Say FTX 0.0 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
U.S. authorities arrest founder of Hong Kong crypto exchange Bitzlato USA -0.44 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Justice Dept. charges Russian founder of cryptocurrency firm 0.32 Ukraine War, Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Suspects in UK Bitcoin Fraud Had ‘More Money Than They Could Spend’: Lancashire Police - Decrypt Bitcoin BTC United Kingdom -1.14 Crypto CryptoCurrency
El Paso Man Pleads Guilty to Operating Ponzi Scheme Disguised as Crypto Investment Firm -0.7 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Crypto lender Genesis preparing to file for bankruptcy - Bloomberg News -0.2 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Genesis Global Capital Is Reportedly Preparing For Bankruptcy -0.1 CryptoCurrency
Fox News host credits Bitcoin pump to ransomware hackers Bitcoin BTC 0.27 Crypto CryptoCurrency
Serie A offers blockchain-verified 'goal balls' to fan token owners 0.32 CryptoCurrency
'They're boiling the frog': SEC's new crypto crackdown roils industry -0.1 Regulation, Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Crypto exchange Coinbase says it will halt Japan operations Coinbase -0.1 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Coinbase Announces 'Difficult Decision' to Shutter Operations in Japan - Decrypt Coinbase -0.46 CryptoCurrency
Binance Now Fully Compliant in Poland Binance 0.0 CryptoCurrency
Sam Bankman-Fried Disputes FTX US 'Shortfall' Claims, Critics Skeptical of Excel Spreadsheet Defense FTX, USA -0.37 CryptoCurrency
ZEBEDEE And VIKER Launch Bitcoin Chess, Bitcoin Scratch Mobile Games Bitcoin BTC 0.11 Crypto CryptoCurrency
Did It Really Take Just 13 People To Hard Fork Polygon? - Decrypt Polygon MATIC -0.1 CryptoCurrency
Ripple Ruling Australian Crypto Exchanges Despite Facing US SEC Lawsuit | Headlines | News | CoinMarketCap Ripple XRP USA -0.23 Regulation, Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
DoJ crypto news: Bitcoin price crashes amid ‘major’ new cryptocurrency move Bitcoin BTC -0.2 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Battling deforestation with the help of blockchain and AgTech 0.26 CryptoCurrency
Crypto Observers Maintain Risk On Bias as US Debt Ceiling Nears USA -0.61 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Coinbase to Halt Operations in Japan Coinbase -0.1 CryptoCurrency
Coinbase Confirms it is Halting Operations in Japan Coinbase -0.1 CryptoCurrency
WATCH LIVE: Justice Department holds briefing to announce new action on "cryptocurrency enforcement" 0.64 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
U.S. Justice Department Says It To Announce An International Cryptocurrency Enforcement Action USA 0.53 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
WEF 2023: CBDCs need to find a 'real problem' to solve, says SARB governor -0.23 CryptoCurrency
Bitcoin surges as investors return to riskier assets Bitcoin BTC -0.18 Crypto CryptoCurrency
You Can Now Earn Bitcoin By Playing Chess on Your Phone Bitcoin BTC 0.2 Crypto CryptoCurrency
Bitcoin's Rally Just Keeps Going. Pay Attention to This Number. - MarketWatch Bitcoin BTC -0.03 Crypto CryptoCurrency
Crypto’s Future in the US Relies on This: Experts USA 0.0 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
FTX May Be Gone, but the Impact of Crypto on the CU Industry Is Just Beginning | Credit Union Times FTX 0.54 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
FTX Discovers $5.5B in Liquid Assets — Debtors Explore Ways to Maximize Recovery via Potential Sale of Subsidiaries, Real Estate FTX 0.29 CryptoCurrency
Coinbase to halt Japan Operations Coinbase -0.1 CryptoCurrency
How Social Media Influencers Fed Bankman-Fried's Cult of Personality -0.1 CryptoCurrency
Bitcoin sees new 4-month high as US PPI, retail data posts 'big misses' Bitcoin BTC USA -0.23 Crypto CryptoCurrency
Coinbase stops Japan operations amid trading slump Coinbase -0.15 CryptoCurrency
Crypto market cap touches trillion dollar mark for first time since early November 0.11 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
US Charges Crypto Exchange Bitzlato With Money Laundering, Arrests Founder USA -0.71 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
First Mover Americas: Crypto Winter Chills at Digital Currency Group, Coinbase Coinbase -0.1 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Tucker Carlson outlines wild theory to explain Bitcoin price rise: ‘Maximum tin foil’ Bitcoin BTC 0.11 Crypto CryptoCurrency
Meet ALPHred, a Virtual Machine like no others! A core innovation designed by u/polarker written in Scala. It leverages stateful UTXO, delivers enhanced security and strong performance for Alephium. 0.85 Regulation CryptoCurrency
Semafor plans to buy out Sam Bankman-Fried’s investment 0.11 CryptoCurrency
ConsenSys Confirms Job Cuts; CEO Lubin Touts a Win for Decentralization Over ‘Ridiculous’ CeFi 0.36 CryptoCurrency
Swing launches software tool for easier deployment of cross-chain solutions 0.65 CryptoCurrency
Bitcoin doesn't lose "transfers"... Bitcoin BTC 0.31 Crypto CryptoCurrency
A Bright Orange Mercedes-AMG GT Stands Sentry on Former Crypto Row at the World Economic Forum 0.69 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Sao Paolo Court Ruled Against Binance in User Withdrawal Related Case Binance -0.07 CryptoCurrency
What Ethereum Tech Trends Are Weathering the Bear Market? Ethereum ETH -0.1 Crypto CryptoCurrency
'The Crocodile of Wall Street' gets new tech job despite being under 24-hour house arrest -0.44 CryptoCurrency
EU postpones final vote on MiCA for the second time in two months Europe -0.27 Regulation CryptoCurrency
2023 price prediction by ChatGPT here's what AI projects for BTC Bitcoin BTC -0.1 Crypto CryptoCurrency
Can Bitcoin survive a Carrington Event knocking out the grid? A massive Carrington Event-level solar storm could knock out the majority of electronics on earth. Would crypto survive everything going offline at once? Bitcoin BTC -0.32 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
CFTC commissioner calls for global industry standards in crypto regulation 0.0 Regulation, Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Shiba Inu Now Most-Traded Token Among ETH Whales Ethereum, Shiba Inu ETH, SHIB 0.0 Crypto CryptoCurrency
Internet Computer Stages a 59% Comeback: What Next for ICP? Internet Computer ICP 0.0 CryptoCurrency
Bitcoin inches closer to a 10-year record, as other stats turn bullish Bitcoin BTC 0.11 Crypto CryptoCurrency
Binance Research Identifies DeFi Slump Among Trends in 2022 Report Binance -0.1 Crypto CryptoCurrency
DeFi Protocol Thena Sees Total Value Surge to $90M in a Week 0.34 Crypto CryptoCurrency
SHIB Surges 20%, DOGE up 5% as Traders Continue to Ape Into Meme Coins Dogecoin, Shiba Inu DOGE, SHIB 0.0 Crypto CryptoCurrency
Bitcoin Fun Facts and Trivia Bitcoin BTC 0.51 Crypto CryptoCurrency
FTX: Collapsed crypto exchange says $415m was hacked FTX -0.79 Crypto Crypto CryptoCurrency
Dogecoin carbon emissions down by 25% following Elon Musk collaboration Dogecoin DOGE -0.1 Elon Musk CryptoCurrency
U.S. to announce international cryptocurrency action -statement at 12noon Easter Time. 1700 GMT USA 0.0 Crypto Crypto Bitcoin
Bank of America Claims That CBDCs Are the Future of Money and Payments. Don’t Believe These Lies. Bitcoin Is the Future. The whole narrative is set up to facilitate the establishment of a society of mass surveillance in the future. Bitcoin BTC -0.42 Crypto Bitcoin
Jack Dorsey donates to Mi Primer Bitcoin education program in El Salvador through Lightning payments on Nostr Bitcoin BTC 0.0 Crypto Bitcoin
Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #234 Bitcoin BTC 0.0 Crypto Bitcoin
How Bitcoin Can Expand the Grid in Africa with Erik Hersman — What Bitcoin Did Bitcoin BTC 0.32 Crypto Bitcoin
YOU HAVE LESS in common with an average person from the year 2123 than with a Roman citizen from the year 23, even though the future person is 20x closer to you in time. Don’t believe me?... 0x ZRX 0.0 Bitcoin
Founder and Majority Owner of Bitzlato, a Cryptocurrency Exchange, Charged with Unlicensed Money Transmitting | USAO-EDNY USA -0.2 Crypto Crypto Bitcoin
After watching charts all day..📊 lol 0.42 Bitcoin
FTM4: The Davos crypto-crowd and the rise of Bitcoin maximalism Bitcoin, Fantom BTC, FTM 0.0 Crypto Crypto Bitcoin
Norfolk BitDevs - Socratic Seminar 1 0.0 Bitcoin
An Honest Account of Fiat Money (2018) — 2 minute bitcoin Bitcoin BTC 0.51 Crypto Bitcoin
SLP450 Bitcoin Developer Education Overview with Josibake Bitcoin BTC 0.0 Crypto Bitcoin
Little-Known Surveillance Program Captures Money Transfers Between U.S. and More Than 20 Countries - WSJ USA 0.0 Bitcoin
BitcoinDay National Tour Hits Naples, Florida Bitcoin BTC USA 0.0 Crypto Bitcoin
0xB10C's 2022 Review and 2023 Outlook 0x ZRX 0.0 Bitcoin
Morgan Stanley explains why Bitcoin price is rallying By Investing.com Bitcoin BTC 0.11 Crypto Bitcoin
"GenesisTrading prepares Ch. 11 bankruptcy filing. Expect an announcement no later than early next week (likely end of this week). " -0.39 Bitcoin
Crypto Conglomerate DCG Suspends Dividends Amid Distress at Genesis Unit -0.73 Crypto Crypto Bitcoin
U.S. to announce international cryptocurrency action -statement USA 0.0 Crypto Crypto Bitcoin
For all of you Bitcoin and Velvet Underground fans :) Bitcoin BTC 0.46 Crypto Bitcoin
Bitcoin is ripping and I am busting my ass to optimize my bitcoin-only clothing store. Please give me some feedback on it and try to keep it constructive you degens Bitcoin BTC 0.25 Crypto Bitcoin
How Much Bitcoin Does The US Government Own? Bitcoin BTC USA 0.0 Crypto Bitcoin
How to convert to 0x00 to 0x01? 0x ZRX 0.0 eth
Smart contract deployment cost calculator 0.4 eth
Coops Are The Right Legal Format for DAOs - New Orrick Whitepaper Definitely #WorthReading 0.49 Crypto eth
Most people don’t understand the absolutely massive amount of computational power needed if they really wanted a GameFi project that actually entertaining. 0.44 eth
KZG Ceremony live - help scale Ethereum! 2 months for the first open contribution period Ethereum ETH 0.68 Crypto eth
Polygon Completes Hard Fork to Reduce Gas Fee Spikes Polygon MATIC -0.2 eth
Shanghai - Capella Testnet with Parithosh J. & Mario V. 0.0 eth
Ethereum creator predicts indistinguishable chains will ‘get ignored and fail’ Ethereum ETH -0.42 Crypto eth
KZG Ceremony live - help scale Ethereum! 2 months for the first open contribution period Ethereum ETH 0.68 Crypto eth
House Republicans move to regulate crypto industry with a new subcommittee 0.0 Crypto Crypto eth
Crypto Hedge Fund: ETH is Underappreciated Ethereum ETH 0.0 Crypto Crypto eth
KZG Ceremony live - help scale Ethereum! 2 months for the first open contribution period Ethereum ETH 0.68 Crypto eth
Solscan All-in-one Datahub For Solana NFTs In Solana SOL 0.0 Nft Nft solana
Crypto Adoption : Devs on the Rise: 23,343 Monthly Active Developers Despite Bear Market ( +41 charts ) Ethereum +15000 Ethereum ETH 0.4 Crypto Crypto solana
The Cardano Foundation is attending the World Economic Forum in Davos next week and co-organizing the panel "Blockchain for Good" hosted by @HoBswiss. Cardano ADA 0.45 cardano
Cardano revs up first automotive project with e-TukTuk announcement in Davos Cardano ADA 0.0 cardano
Making a Cardano game for my university diploma Cardano ADA 0.0 cardano
The Electric Capital annual report is out - and once again Polkadot is hitting all the right notes in terms of development activity! Check out this 🧵for the highlights. Polkadot DOT 0.0 dot
Polkadot's new XCM v3 development: Everything you need to know | Finbold.com News Polkadot DOT 0.0 dot
Polkadot Digest 18 Jan 2023 Polkadot DOT 0.0 dot