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Latest Crypto and Financial News for 08-06-2022

Title Asset Ticker Region Sentiment Event Commodity Source
Crypto Gaming is defying the Bear Market. Crypto games accounted for 60% of activity on blockchains in July with nearly $1b in transactions 0.0 Bear Market Crypto CryptoCurrency
Helium Lied about it's Partners, Salesforce and Lime are out Salesforce, Helium CRM, HNT -0.38 CryptoCurrency
Pearson, one of the world's largest publishers of academic textbooks, wants to turn e-book textbooks into NFTs, so it can make money every time they are resold. 0.0 Nft CryptoCurrency
7% of Spanish Are Crypto HODLers, Says Regulator Spain 0.0 Crypto CryptoCurrency
Wells Fargo, digital assets are an "innovation on par with the internet, cars, and electricity" Wells Fargo, Wells Fargo WFC, WFC 0.65 CryptoCurrency
Ex-Google CEO Called Bitcoin (BTC) A Remarkable Cryptographic Achievement in a Resurfaced 2014 Video Bitcoin BTC 0.56 Crypto CryptoCurrency
Bitcoin and Ethereum”Incredibly Oversold” States Bloomberg Analyst Ethereum, Bitcoin ETH, BTC 0.0 CryptoCurrency
Binance Prepaid Card Adds Shiba Inu (SHIB) Token For Payments Binance, SHIBA INU, Shiba Inu SHIB, SHIB 0.0 CryptoCurrency
The Cost of Mining Bitcoin in 198 Different Countries Bitcoin BTC 0.0 CryptoCurrency
From Matt Damon to Gwyneth Paltrow: Celebrities who pushed crypto now paying for it in popularity 0.48 Crypto CryptoCurrency
Buterin Says Any Ethereum Miner Migration Won’t Slow Merge Ethereum ETH 0.0 CryptoCurrency
“Who's Afraid of Gary Gensler?” Coinbase Braces for a Fight Coinbase COIN -0.38 CryptoCurrency
Vitalik Buterin calls out ETHW hard fork proponents as "trying to make a quick buck" Ethereum ETH -0.1 CryptoCurrency
Binance and WazirX disagree over ownership two years after announcing deal | TechCrunch Binance, WazirX WRX -0.38 CryptoCurrency
Indian State of Maharashtra issues 100,000 plus verifiable diplomas on Polygon blockchain Polygon MATIC India 0.0 CryptoCurrency
Twitch’s Gambling Boom Has Many Viewers Losing Thousands To Crypto Casinos -0.38 Crypto CryptoCurrency
Shark Tank Star Kevin O'Leary Buys the Bitcoin Dip — Says Crypto 'Desperately Needs Policy' Bitcoin BTC -0.38 Bull Market Crypto CryptoCurrency
Korean NFT’s HY NFT Seoul on a mission to connect blockchain industry leaders with the Korean market South Korea 0.0 Nft CryptoCurrency
Oxford City football club to embrace Bitcoin payments Bitcoin BTC 0.32 CryptoCurrency
Operator of Mt. Gox-linked Exchange Extradited to US From Greece Greece, USA 0.0 CryptoCurrency
Resurfaced video from 2014 shows former Google CEO Eric Schmidt hailing Bitcoin as 'remarkable' Bitcoin BTC 0.0 CryptoCurrency
F2Pool manipulating time stamps on Ethereum? Ethereum ETH -0.36 CryptoCurrency
Check out my blog post on Dynamic NFTs - NFTs which evolve and change as certain conditions are met :) 0.77 Nft CryptoCurrency
Bankrupt Voyager Digital Granted Permission to Return $270 Million to Users -0.38 CryptoCurrency
Do Crypto Trading Bots Work? 0.0 Crypto CryptoCurrency
Worth a read: Decentralized finance faces multiple barriers to mainstream adoption 0.23 CryptoCurrency
Emerging digital assets should protect users’ privacy and other rights 0.51 CryptoCurrency
Aave Proposal Would Cut Off Fantom Amid Security Fears - Decrypt Aave, Fantom AAVE, FTM -0.36 Regulation, Bear Market CryptoCurrency
FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried says the end of crypto winter is just around the corner, unless this happens 0.0 Corn, Crypto CryptoCurrency
Crypto "Has to Transform Into Something Useful" by 2032: Vitalik Buterin, no promises of being useful but actually being useful 0.79 Crypto CryptoCurrency
North Korean Hacker Collective 'The Lazarus Group' Behind DeBridge Finance Attack North Korea, South Korea -0.48 CryptoCurrency
Binance Revolutionizes the NFT Ticketing Experience With Lazio Binance 0.0 Nft CryptoCurrency
‘If you have funds on WazirX, you should transfer it to Binance’: Binance CEO after ED freezes WazirX account Binance, WazirX WRX -0.03 CryptoCurrency
What the Merge Means for Ethereum Miners Ethereum ETH 0.0 CryptoCurrency
Don't trust TVL / Solana Edition Solana SOL -0.4 CryptoCurrency
Sam Bankman-Fried on The Future of Crypto, Voyager, Regulations and More Futu FUTU 0.0 Regulation Crypto CryptoCurrency
12 solid and legit ways to make money with cryptocurrency | Which of these do you use the most? 0.15 Crypto CryptoCurrency
Warren Buffett-backed Nubank hits 1 million crypto users in less than a month Nubank NU 0.0 War Crypto CryptoCurrency
A crypto giant froze their accounts. Now customers are begging a judge for their money back. 0.0 Crypto CryptoCurrency
Cardano Founder Corrected User On ADA's Worth Cardano ADA 0.23 CryptoCurrency
A DAO That Literally Wants to Party on The Moon Just Sent a Viral YouTuber to Space 0.4 CryptoCurrency
The Humbling of Coinbase Coinbase COIN 0.0 CryptoCurrency
Elon Musk’s Dogecoin Find New Competition with Catecoin Dogecoin DOGE 0.0 Elon Musk CryptoCurrency
Comparing the Lightning Network’s near infinite transaction capacity to the limited capacity of credit card networks shows the superiority of Bitcoin-based systems over everything else. Bitcoin BTC 0.48 CryptoCurrency
Cost to mine one BTC, by country Bitcoin BTC 0.0 Bitcoin
Without the incentives around Bitcoin mining, energy infrastructure would be weaker, supply would be lower, and all electricity consumers would be worse off. Bitcoin BTC -0.79 Energy Bitcoin
The S&P500 is completely flat (0% yield) since 1997 when it is normalized against the M2 fiat currency supply. How did buying productive assets work out? 0.18 Bull Market Bitcoin
The European Central Bank regards Bitcoin as an expensive system. The report’s explanation Bitcoin BTC Europe 0.0 Bitcoin
Reality: money supply inflation -> money loses corresponding purchasing power aka inflation -> wages must also inflate to keep the economy functioning -> wages never inflate as much as real goods -> standard of living is reduced for all but the wealthiest. Housing in Boise is up 59% since 2020. 0.56 Inflation Bitcoin
This band made a Bitcoin treasure hunt, and the private keys to a bitcoin wallet are hidden in a series of puzzles, for people to solve + take the bitcoin for themselves Bitcoin BTC 0.46 Bitcoin
In Crypto Winter, Jesse Powell’s Pirate-King Leadership Style Might Be the New Normal 0.0 Regulation Crypto Bitcoin
Michael Saylor on storing money in currency vs. Bitcoin: "Bitcoin is an option for anybody in the world that lives in a nation where they can't trust the bank or they can't trust the local currency—and that's the killer app for them." Bitcoin BTC -0.87 Crime Bitcoin
Nothing can increase by that much and still be a good investment. 0.24 Bitcoin
All Bitcoin, No Fiat with Sahil Chaturvedi — What Bitcoin Did Bitcoin BTC -0.3 Bitcoin
Get your cheese out of the shops 0.0 Bitcoin
Lightning Network 101 Explanation 0.0 Bitcoin
The First Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Was Just Approved by US Regulators USA 0.42 StockMarket
AT&T Looks Stronger than Verizon On 2Q Earnings AT&T T 0.38 StockMarket
How Fed Rate Hike Will Hit Your Pocket 0.0 StockMarket
Are We Really in A Recession? -0.47 StockMarket
Taiwan: US hits out at 'irresponsible' China amid attack rehearsal claims China, USA, Taiwan -0.48 worldnews
With Great Barrier Reef showing signs of recovery, Australia takes steps to combat climate change by passing bill to reduce carbon emissions by 43% Australia 0.3 Climate worldnews
Austrians expressed shock and anger this week over the suicide of doctor who had been the target of a torrent of abuse and threats from anti-vaccination protesters. She had long been the target of death threats because of her criticism of the widespread anti-lockdown protests of 2021 Austria -0.98 Crime, Pandemic worldnews
Radiation emission risk: Russian troops seriously damage nitrogen-oxygen unit at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant – Energoatom Russia -0.72 War, Ukraine War Nitrogen, Nuclear Power worldnews
U.S. says it supports Israel's right to defend itself, urges no more escalation Israel, USA 0.08 worldnews
Ukraine says it caught two spies who helped destroy infrastructure in Mykolaiv Ukraine -0.54 Ukraine War worldnews
Taiwan Says China's Military Drills Simulate Attack On Its Main Island. China, Taiwan -0.48 War worldnews
Saudi Arabia condemns Israeli attack on Gaza Strip: Foreign ministry statement Israel, Saudi Arabia -0.75 worldnews
Israeli jets pound Gaza in second day of attacks | Israel-Palestine conflict News Israel, Palestine -0.64 Regulation worldnews
Turkey’s banks are adopting Russian payments system: Erdogan Russia, Turkey 0.0 Ukraine War worldnews
Earth is spinning faster than usual, leading to the shortest day ever recorded 0.0 worldnews
Meta busts Russian troll farm imitating grassroot support for Russian war in Ukraine Meta FB Russia, Ukraine -0.3 War, Ukraine War worldnews
US Secretary of State Blinken to visit Africa as tension with China and Russia intensifies China, Russia, USA -0.32 Regulation, Ukraine War worldnews
After three heatwaves, France is facing its most severe drought in history France -0.44 Climate, Disaster worldnews
Uganda’s suspension of LGBT charity a ‘clear witch-hunt’, say campaigners | Uganda Uganda 0.42 worldnews
Israel will ‘pay a heavy price’ after Gaza attack, Iran warns | Israel-Palestine conflict News Iran, Israel, Palestine -0.7 War worldnews
Kosovo police patrol attacked in volatile north Kosovo -0.46 Crime worldnews
Despite Kremlin efforts, Russian indie media keep news flowing Russia 0.0 Ukraine War worldnews
Ukrainian MP Offers to Recognize the Independence of Kosovo Kosovo, Ukraine 0.0 worldnews
Rare hummingbird last seen in 2010 rediscovered in Colombia | Environment | The Guardian Colombia 0.0 worldnews
Thousands of venomous crabs swarm St Ives beaches as sea temperatures rise 0.0 worldnews
Pentagon chiefs’ calls to China go unanswered amid Taiwan crisis China, Taiwan -0.62 worldnews
Almost 35,000 Britons in limbo as Portugal fails to issue post-Brexit ID cards Portugal -0.42 worldnews
Revealed: UK ran cold war dirty tricks campaign to smear Kenya’s first vice-president Kenya, United Kingdom -0.87 War worldnews
Ireland: Amid CWU concerns, Amazon says unions are not 'the best answer' for its new Irish workers Amazon AMZN Ireland -0.4 worldnews
UNs nuclear watchdog chief condemns shelling at Zaporizhzhia plant -0.51 worldnews
Apple supplier Foxconn expands India iPhone production, further diversifying supply chain away from mainland China China, India 0.1 worldnews
Farmers fear for future harvests as climate change takes its toll on Spanish agriculture: Fires are spreading in Spain where sun-baked land acts as a tinder-box Spain -0.49 Climate, Bear Market worldnews
Iran urges 'realistic' U.S. response to revive nuclear deal Iran, USA 0.34 worldnews
Record amount of seaweed is choking shores in the Caribbean | AP News -0.46 worldnews
Russian forces begin assault on two eastern Ukraine cities Russia, Ukraine -0.59 Crime, Ukraine War worldnews
Kosovo police patrol attacked in volatile north Kosovo -0.46 Crime worldnews
Amnesty International Poland condemns Russia’s actions in Ukraine following controversial Amnesty report Poland, Russia, Ukraine -0.62 Ukraine War worldnews
17 missing, dozens hurt as fire rages in Cuban oil tank farm Cuba -0.88 Oil worldnews
Senegal's government accuses Canadian police of 'savagely' beating Ottawa embassy diplomat Canada, Senegal -0.66 Crime worldnews
Israel clarifies that Hamas is not responsible for shelling of Israeli territory Israel -0.02 Terrorism worldnews
Turkey to pay for some Russian gas in rubles: Erdogan Russia, Turkey -0.1 Ukraine War worldnews
Cyberattack on Albanian government suggests new Iranian aggression Albania, Iran -0.3 worldnews
uae: Pakistan Army chief Gen Bajwa reaches out to UAE, Saudi Arabia for crucial bailout package Pakistan, Saudi Arabia -0.05 worldnews
Pompeii: Discovered the House of a Middle-class Family with Furnishing 0.0 worldnews
Senegal Reaches Deal With Casamance Rebels For Return Of Peace Senegal 0.44 worldnews
Battle for Kherson could exact deadly toll : NPR -0.38 Crime, War worldnews
Hijab rules are raising rights concerns in Indonesia - UCA News Indonesia 0.0 worldnews
Flooding kills at least one in Senegal's capital Senegal -0.54 Crime, Disaster worldnews
Egypt government 'running country from luxury beach hotel' Egypt 0.0 worldnews
The head of Amnesty International in Ukraine left the watchdog over claims that Ukrainian soldiers were endangering civilians. Russia's offensive in Donetsk continues with fierce fighting in Bakhmut. Russia, Ukraine -0.67 Ukraine War, Bear Market worldnews
Security forces in Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan region fired tear gas and rubber-coated bullets Saturday to disperse anti-government protesters and detained seven opposition lawmakers. The opposition New Generation party had called the demonstrations Iraq -0.48 Regulation Rubber worldnews
Fenerbahce Hit With Fine, Partial Stadium Closure After Fans' 'Putin' Chants Russia 0.2 Ukraine War worldnews
Ukrainian Armed Forces received a universal weapon against drones DeDrone Portable, which fights any drones | gagadget.com Ukraine -0.6 War worldnews
Russian forces begin assault on two eastern Ukraine cities Russia, Ukraine -0.59 Crime, Ukraine War worldnews
Sri Lanka seeks Chinese ship delay after Indian pressure - Times of India China, India, Sri Lanka -0.54 worldnews
An oceanic "heatwave" is spreading across the North Pacific, following large-scale pressure changes in the region. As historical data shows, these oceanic events can serve as an indicator of seasonal weather pattern changes. -0.3 Climate, Disaster worldnews
liz Truss rejects ‘handouts’ as way to tackle cost of living crisis -0.81 worldnews
Rishi Sunak: No hope of election win if inflation sticks 0.67 Inflation worldnews
NATO’s Secretary General warns of rising risk of direct conflict with Russia over Ukraine Atmos Energy ATO Russia, Ukraine -0.59 Regulation, War, Ukraine War worldnews
Air strikes, rocket attacks push Israel, Gaza into second day of fighting Israel -0.78 Regulation worldnews
Sderot home sustains direct hit as rocket barrages from Gaza continue 0.0 worldnews
Egypt: Prominent public figures to stop publishing critical views of government - Several government critics announce in social media posts that they will either suspend their accounts or stop discussing current affairs, in an apparent fear of crackdown Egypt -0.88 Bear Market worldnews
Sri Lanka Asks China To Delay Sending Ship After India Pressure: Report China, India, Sri Lanka -0.54 worldnews
Meetings between Turkish, Syrian intelligences continue: Erdogan Syria, Turkey 0.38 worldnews
Israeli jets pound Gaza in second day of attacks | Israel-Palestine conflict News Israel, Palestine -0.64 Regulation worldnews
U.N. report links Malian, 'white-skinned' troops to civilian deaths Mali 0.0 War worldnews
Senegal's government accuses Canadian police of 'savagely' beating Ottawa embassy diplomat Canada, Senegal -0.66 Crime worldnews
Almost 10% of eligible Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland have a job | A total of 9.4% of adults in possession of a special “S” permit are in work, with most employed in the restaurant sector. Switzerland, Ukraine 0.4 Regulation worldnews
Flash floods kill at least 550 in Pakistan in heaviest rains in decades Pakistan -0.69 Crime, Disaster worldnews
Volcano's giant eruption did something unprecedented, says NASA | Mashable 0.0 worldnews
Canada requests extradition of Father Johannes Rivoire from France over child abuse Canada, France -0.64 Crime worldnews
Kenyan presidential candidates in final dash before vote to succeed Kenyatta Kenya 0.49 worldnews
Israel and Gaza militants exchange fire after deadly strikes Israel -0.6 Crime worldnews
After India Questions 'Real Purpose', Sri Lanka Asks China to ‘Defer’ Spy Ship Yuan Wang 5's Arrival Arrival ARVL China, India, Sri Lanka 0.0 worldnews
Nuclear weapons a 'loaded gun,' U.N. chief warns, as Hiroshima marks 77 years since bombing -0.51 War worldnews
In Luhansk Oblast, people lured with food rations to ''referendum'' for joining Russia — Haidai Russia 0.0 Ukraine War Food worldnews
Saifuddin: Malaysia strongly condemns Israeli airstrikes on Gaza Strip Israel, Malaysia -0.3 worldnews
U.S., EU Diplomats Urge Leaders Of Armenia, Azerbaijan To Calm Tensions Over Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenia, Azerbaijan, USA, Europe -0.1 worldnews
China's Taiwan aggression triggers fears of wider security crisis in Asia China, Taiwan -0.77 Regulation, Bear Market worldnews
Blast in Kabul, Afghanistan kills 8; Islamic State claims responsibility Afghanistan -0.54 Crime worldnews
Blinken, Bongbong Marcos reaffirm defense treaty; President says it’s ‘in constant evolution’ 0.13 worldnews
Israel-Gaza: Israel arrests 19 militant suspects after Gaza flare-up - Finance Universal Israel -0.65 Crime worldnews
The Russian government on Aug. 2 ordered that a new operator be established for the Sakhalin-2 gas and oil extraction project. Two Japanese trading companies, who are major shareholders of the project, must decide within a month if they will continue their involvement with it Japan, Russia 0.0 Ukraine War Oil worldnews
PM Lapid: 'We will not shy away from using force;' IDF bolsters forces near Gaza 0.19 worldnews
Saudi Arabia offers rare criticism of Israel’s nuclear weapons program Israel, Saudi Arabia -0.7 War worldnews
Archie Battersbee's life support was due to be withdrawn at 10am after all legal options exhausted 0.18 worldnews
Juventus-Atletico friendly in Israel could be cancelled for safety reasons Israel 0.61 worldnews
Israel-Gaza: Israel arrests 19 militant suspects after Gaza flare-up Israel -0.65 Crime worldnews
Israel Police's Pegasus Spyware Prototype Revealed Pyxus International type Israel 0.0 Crime worldnews
Ra'am set to deliver electoral slate in favor of joining next coalition 0.4 Coal worldnews
Think 9% Inflation Is Bad? Try 90%. -0.54 Inflation worldnews
DNA links two men in prison to cold case from 1983 that originally sent the wrong man to prison for 37 years. Ginkgo Bioworks DNA -0.87 news
One of Ahmaud Arbery's killers fears being slain in a Georgia state prison, court document says Georgia, USA -0.89 Crime, Bear Market news
Cancer-causing chemical found in Michigan pond USA 0.0 news
Albuquerque police investigate murder of fourth Muslim man -0.69 Crime news
New York Health Department says hundreds of people may be infected with polio virus - CBS News USA -0.49 Pandemic news
Pythons are eating alligators and everything else in Florida. Snake hunters stand poised to help. USA 0.57 news
New Jersey man gets 5 years in prison for role in $400K GoFundMe scam with fake story about homeless man USA -0.88 Crime news
Extreme heat is the deadliest weather event in the United States USA 0.42 Crime news
11-year-old girl dies after going missing in lake at Windsor water park -0.3 news
Israel bombs Gaza Strip for second day in ‘pre-emptive operation’ Israel 0.0 Regulation news
Uganda LGBT rights: Government shuts down key advocacy group Uganda 0.0 news
Microplastics increasingly found in Colorado’s snowpack USA 0.0 news
Archie Battersbee, 12, dies after life support is turned off | UK News United Kingdom 0.4 news
Officials believe Burnsville apartment fire that displaced 50 units was started intentionally -0.34 news
Dutch man Aydin Coban convicted of sexually extorting B.C. teen Amanda Todd | CBC News Netherlands 0.0 news
Berkshire Hathaway posts massive $43.8 billion loss; operating results improve Berkshire Hathaway BRK.A 0.15 Bear Market news
School document appears to contradict Agape Boarding School's claims they did not restrain a student -0.32 news
Multistate manhunt for person of interest sought after 4 people fatally shot in Ohio USA -0.3 news
17 missing, 121 hurt as fire rages in Cuban oil tank farm Cuba -0.88 Oil news
Taiwan scrambles jets as Chinese aircraft cross median line China, Taiwan 0.0 news
Taiwan accuses Beijing of simulating invasion as US-China relations nosedive | news.com.au China, USA, Taiwan -0.34 news
Busted noses, broken devices: Texas police department routinely rough with the medically vulnerable, lawsuit alleges USA -0.71 Crime news
Taiwan: US hits out at 'irresponsible' China amid attack rehearsal claims China, USA, Taiwan -0.48 news
SF commissioner-at-large calls for change after brutal assault outside SOMA home -0.84 Crime news
Police shoot and injure four men who they say opened fire at crowded NYC house party USA -0.27 Crime news
IDF: Children in Jabaliya killed by failed Islamic Jihad rocket launch -0.83 Crime news
Senegal Reaches Deal With Casamance Rebels For Return Of Peace Senegal 0.44 news
Indiana becomes 1st state to approve abortion ban post Roe India -0.56 news
Judith Durham, The Seekers lead singer, dead at 79, six decades after the formation of the group -0.65 Crime news
U.S. 10-year Treasury yield jumps after jobs growth blows past expectations USA 0.53 Bull Market news
17 missing, dozens hurt as fire rages in Cuban oil tank farm Cuba -0.88 Oil news
Zaporizhzhia: Russian strikes forced nuclear reactor closure, operator says Russia -0.67 Ukraine War news
Taiwan Says China's Military Drills Simulate Attack On Its Main Island China, Taiwan -0.48 War news
Croatia bus crash: Twelve Polish pilgrims killed and 32 injured Croatia, Poland -0.87 Crime, Bear Market news
Muslim men likely targeted and killed in New Mexico, police say Mexico, USA -0.67 Crime news
Camber Sands: Six arrested after holiday park death -0.65 Crime news
India: 4 year old dies after her mother flings her from 4th floor India 0.0 news
Taiwan official leading missile production died of heart attack - official media Taiwan -0.77 War news
Israel-Gaza: Israel arrests 19 militant suspects after Gaza flare-up Israel -0.65 Crime news